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Your Health Care Discount Program

Stop Paying Too Much for Health Care!

Optum HealthAllies is a money-saving program designed to help you reduce your health care spending and start living a healthier lifestyle. By becoming a Optum HealthAllies member, you have immediate access to:

  • Typical savings of 5-50% on health and wellness services for you and your family.
  • More than 500,000 provider locations nationwide.
  • On-the-spot savings—no claim forms to submit.
  • Minimum discount guarantee

More Benefits

Sample Savings *

Service Typical Price Our Price Savings
Office Visit $235 $163 $72
MRI $1,000 $619 $381
Service Typical Price Our Price Savings
Adult Cleaning $70 $44 $26
Crown (porcelain) $973 $628 $345
Service Typical Price Our Price Savings
Eye exam $57 - $110 $40 maximum $17 - $70
LASIK $1,738 per eye $1,477 per eye $522 total
Prescription Drug Typical Price Our Price Savings
Amoxicillin (antibiotic) 500 mg, Qty 30 $12.91 $7.51 $5.40 (41.8%)
Lisinopril (high blood pressure) 20 mg, Qty 30 $11.85 $8.61 $3.24 (27.3%)
Alprazolam (anti-depressant) 1 mg, Qty 90 $30.35 $13.39 $16.96 (55.9%)
Service Typical Price Our Price Savings
Acupuncture $55 $44 $11
Chiropractor visit $65 $52 $13
Service Typical Price Our Price Savings
Jenny Craig All Access membership enrollment fee $99.00 $69.30 $29.70
Fitness Club Membership (monthly fee) $46.00 $25.00 $21.00
Service Typical Price Our Price Savings
Pressure Mattress System $1,983 $1,685 $297
Endit Smokeless Inhalers $25 $20 $5
Service Typical Price Our Price Savings
Tummy Tuck** $5,264 $4,211 $1,053
Eyelid Surgery** $3,134 $2,507 $627
Breast Augmentation** $3,816 $3,053 $763
NOTE: Cosmetic Services discounts are not available in Florida

**Prices listed do not include fees for anesthesia, operating room/facility charges, or intangible expenses. This comparison is only to provide examples and should not be used to determine the actual price members will pay. Typical Price is based on the average (U&C) fee charged by network providers nationwide. Member Price is based on average pricing across all network providers but can vary significantly by region
Service Typical Price Our Price Savings
Basic Level, Name Brand Hearing Aid (Digital) including professional services $1,200 $495 $705
Premium Level, hiHealthInnovations Brand Hearing Aid(Digital) including professional services As low as $799 each Only $720 each $79
*Examples only. Actual costs and savings may vary by provider, geographic area and service received. Prices are subject to change without notice.
Only $24.95 monthly

The Optum HealthAllies Basic Plan complements your health benefits by providing significant savings on many out-of-pocket health and wellness purchases.

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Only $29.95 monthly

The Enhanced Plan offers savings for your family on medical, dental, vision, prescription drugs and more.

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